Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the advantages of having an App?

Mobile App’s offer things such as Push Notifications, the power to use your devices hardware (GPS, Camera, Accelerometer etc..) and even the ability to work offline. These things combined with the fact that native applications load faster, means there are is a lot of potential for businesses to convert more traffic than they would have normally had the chance to.  

When is a Website not enough?

It is all situational, sometimes a business may grow to a very large customer base, creating an App is another way to increase retention and build brand loyalty. Other times, you might want to build an Inventory Management System or even a solution that needs to work without Internet access, this is where a Native App comes into play.

What is the average cost of an App?

Although the pricing of an App can vary depending on the scope of the project, from $4,000 up to $300,000+ it comes down to what you are wanting to accomplish and the quality of the project. There are a few pricing calculators out there such as that will give you more of a ballpark figure of how much an Application might cost you. 

How long does it take to have an App built?

With Software Development it is to be expected to have some turn around time associated with building out a project, you will have a Team of Developers working on your project to ensure that the Development Phase is completed promptly with a Project Lead to keep you up to date on the progress. In certain circumstances we do offer Fast-Tracked Development plans, depending on how quick the Application is needing to be Deployed although we will be realistic with you should a deadline not be possible at the start of our project. 

What's the difference between iOS, Android and PWA?

iOS is the operating system that Apple’s Mobile Devices use. Android will be for phones such as Samsung, Google, LG etc.. PWA (Progressive Web Applications) are Apps designed to have native functionality on desktop but also have the ability to be ported onto Mobile Devices. Some companies that use PWA would be Slack, Lyft and Pinterest.

Does it cost anything for an App Consultation?

Our consultation cost is $500, this allows us to take the time to do a roadmap for your project we will give you all research and project mapping done at the end of the consultation. Should you decide to move forward with us on the project, the $500 will be waived as a courtesy for moving forward with your Application with TMichel Productions. Should you pay the $500, and then come back to us after considering costs, the upfront cost associated with the initial roadmap will be removed from the upfront cost of the project scope. 

Where do we start?

With TMichel Productions we will start with a consultation, with this we will begin a Roadmap to see what all would need to be put into your Application to make it as effective as possible while maintaining scale for when your App grows with users. Some of the things to think about are whether or not you want it to be iOS, Android, or PWA (Progressive Web App). It is highly recommended to come prepared with any and all questions pertaining to the project to our consultation.